Dental Crowns

We are the best dentistry for dental crowns.A dental crown is an effective and ideal treatment for a variety of tooth problems. This type of dental restoration completely covers a tooth or dental implant.

By completely capping the tooth, a crown is able to protect the weakened tooth structure from further damaging forces. In addition to this, a crown can greatly improve aesthetics by improving the alignment, appearance, and shape of the tooth.

As a result, patients are able to save their teeth while improving their smiles in the process.

There are a number of reasons why your dentist may suggest getting a dental crown. Most importantly, crowns protect weakened tooth structure and therefore teeth that have very large cavities, large fillings or have been root treated may require this additional protection.

By having the strength of the crown material surrounding the tooth, patients can prevent further complications such as fractures or cracks occurring. This protects the ongoing health of their tooth as well as the other teeth around it.

Additionally, crowns may also be recommended in cases of cracked tooth syndrome, in which a tooth may present with symptoms of pain due to an incomplete crack.  Crowns are also ideal to restore the original anatomy of teeth which have been subjected to excessive wear or as a cosmetic option to improve the colour, shape or size of the front teeth.  

There are a variety of dental crown options available, giving patients some control over what type of crown they would prefer. Your dentist will be able to go through all the options with you.

Porcelain crowns are very widely used due to their excellent aesthetic properties which very closely resemble natural tooth structure.

For additional strength and durability, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns have an underlying metal structure which is stronger and offers a better bond to tooth structure. The disadvantage of this is the showing of metal on the inside of the tooth.

Gold crowns were very popular in the past and are still used today due to their exceptional longevity, strength and more conservative preparation. However, with the improvement in other materials, patients may now opt for more natural looking restorations.

Lastly, ceramic crowns have been a huge improvement in modern dentistry. The material is highly aesthetic, strong and durable. With the new CEREC technology, crowns are able to be inserted in one visit, giving patients that extra convenience with the saved time.

Dental crowning offers significant benefits to patients, however, it needs to be performed under the guidance of a profesWe have the best special offers here in Sydney.sional. Here at (North Sydney/Hornsby/Sydney CBD/Parramatta/North Ryde) Dentistry, as a trusted and reliable dental clinic, we strive to accommodate your needs – providing you with a custom-made dental crown designed to last for years to come, while restoring confidence in your smile.

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