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Invisalign can treat a huge range of straightening requirements, ranging from very minor tooth movements to much more complex cases

Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider

Having uneven teeth can affect the overall quality of your smile. It is a common cosmetic concern but many people may not realise that there can be a functional disadvantage in having crooked teeth as well.

There are a number of factors which can contribute to the development of crooked or uneven teeth. This includes genetics, dental crowding, periodontal disease, thumb sucking or pacifier use, loss of teeth or an injury to the face which can result in the teeth moving out of place.

Fortunately, there are options to correct these problems, leading to a healthier and happier smile.

Invisalign straightens the teeth through the use of clear aligners which are almost invisible to the eye. This gives people the added confidence they need as they are able to undertake treatment with minimal change to their physical appearance.

In addition, the Invisalign aligners can be easily removed and have no metal brackets attached or wires which require tightening. This offers patients a huge amount of convenience in their everyday life.

MySmile Dentistry offers Invisalign at a very competitive fee because we believe that people should have the best treatment possible, without feeling limited by cost of treatment.

We offer a payment plan where the total cost of the treatment is spread into a few payments over the length of your Invisalign treatment. These are 100% interest free.

To discuss whether braces or Invisalign treatment may be best option for you, find a trusted and reliable dental clinic to help you understand all your options. So schedule an appointment with us today to have your teeth checked and begin your journey to a happier smile.

Express Package

Up to 7 Aligners.

Lite Package

Up to 14 aligners and 2 sets of refinement aligners for 2 years.

Moderate Package

Up to 26 aligners and unlimited refinement aligners for 2 years.

Comprehensive Package

Unlimited aligners within 5 years of treatment time.

  Consultation fee: $100

  Mock up and impression appointment: $500 (non-refundable if patient decides not to proceed with the treatment)

  Review Clincheck appointment: Non-refundable deposit of $3,000 is payable at this appointment if proceed, otherwise free if decided not to proceed with the treatment.

  Installment min.$500 is payable each appointment (every 4-6 weeks)




The fastest treatment time of any type of Invisalign which is about 3 to 6 months. Invisalign Express is a new treatment for patients with minor orthodontic issues, such as mild spacing, crowding and orthodontic relapse.

Invisalign Express
Invisalign Lite



This procedure works the same way as Invisalign Full but for a shorter amount of time with 7 months as projected treatment time. Invisalign Lite treatment is designed for mild to moderate discrepancies such as mild overcrowding, spaces, and alignment issues.



This procedure is designed to help you achieve patient results you want for anterior alignment and aesthetically oriented cases. Invisalign Moderate is for medium corrections which usually takes up to 18 months and 26 aligners.

Invisalign Moderate
Invisalign Comprehensive



This treatment allows maximum flexibility and is used to treat a wide range of complex malocclusion such as crowded teeth, gap teeth, and bite problems. Invisalign Comprehensive usually takes up to 36 months & 48 aligners to be completed.


Invisalign are virtually invisible aligners made of a thermoplastic material, uniquely developed to be used in a series of custom-fitted aligners that will straighten teeth. This discrete technology has been scientifically proven to be as effective as traditional braces while delivering comfort and flexibility to patients.

Customised – Invisalign aligners are engineered and custom made to fit over your natural teeth. These aligners use the right amount of force necessary to allow teeth to shift into an aesthetic position.

Removability – There is no need to implement changes in your lifestyle, given that Invisalign aligners can be removed and put back on whenever you feel like eating or having a drink. It is that easy!

Efficacy – Medically proven to be effective in orthodontic practices worldwide

Comfort – Avoid pain and irritation often caused by wires from traditional braces

Yes, we accept American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

The cost of braces varies depending on the complexity as well as the length of time. Our braces cost star from $4500. To give you an accurate costing it would be necessary to have an initial consultation to assess your teeth and your smile.

Yes we offer internal payment plans. The Invisalign cost has interest free payment plan from $25/week. First appointment is consultation which is $100. This consultation fee will go to your Invisalign payment once you proceed with the treatment.

Second appointment will be taking clinical photos and impressions and is $500. This is non-refundable if patient decides not to proceed with the treatment.

Third appointment will be a review on Clincheck video, it is the simulation of how the teeth will be moving during the Invisalign treatment and the length of treatment time will also be decided at this appointment. A fee of $3000 is payable at this appointment if you proceed with the treatment, otherwise free if you decided not to proceed with the treatment.

A minimum of $500 at each visit (every 4-6 weeks) is required once you have decided to go through the treatment. If the length of treatment visit is shorter, the higher will be the cost for each visit.

No we don’t. Removable Vivera Retainer (TM) from Invisalign is an additional cost of $300 for 3 sets. This is cost price and no added dentist fees applied.

Invisalign Price: Interest free payment plan from $25/week.

Express Package: Up to 7 Aligners.

Lite Package: Up to 14 aligners and 2 sets of refinement aligners for 2 years.

Moderate Package: Up to 26 aligners and unlimited refinement aligners for 2 years.

Comprehensive Package: Unlimited aligners within 5 years of treatment time.


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