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MySmile Dentistry

Our work

Feel free to take a look at our real life case examples below to get an idea of the quality of our work at MySmile Dentistry, including some amazing Cosmetic Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry work. Our highly skilled dentists work at MySmile Dentistry across our Sydney CBD; North Sydney; and Hornsby practices.

Dental Veneers

Zircad Prime BL2-LT veneers and bridge at Sydney
Emax BL1-LT ay Sydney
Prepless Emax BL1-LT veneers 15-25 at Sydney
Emax BL2-HT veneers 12-22 with minimal preparation ay Sydney
Zircad Prime BL2-LT at Sydney
Crowns and bridges with Estelite BW at Sydney
Emax BL3-LT veneers 13-23 at Sydney
14-24 Estelite Sigma BW direct veneers at Sydney

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Sydney
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Teeth Whitening in Sydney NSW
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Teeth Whitening in Sydney
Affordable teeth whitening in Sydney


Invisalign in Sydney
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Clear braces in Sydney


Pre-op: The patient has already an aesthetic smile. Her concerns were related to alignment and differences in colour of teeth, after already going through teeth whitening a few times.

Post-op: 8 Veneers were placed to level the smile and enhance the shade of the teeth. Some patients who wish for more translucency can request this at their consultation appointment


Pre-op: The patient has misaligned upper jaw, with missing teeth and mid-line shift, as well as discoloration of the side teeth.


Post-op: Correction of the aesthetic problems with dental bridge and gum grafting. Alternative treatment plan of orthodontic treatment followed by implants and veneers were rejected due to time constraint. All options will be discussed at the time of your consultation.


Pre-op: The patient presented with an aesthetic smile but wished for whiter and slightly longer teeth due to fillers in her lips.


Post-op: The smile was changed according to the patients specification. Some patients who may wish for more translucency and subtle changes can discuss their preferences at their consultation.


Pre-op: The patient presented with some discolored old composite resin veneers and a slight asymmetry in her upper teeth shape and length. Her preferences were subtle changes that is both function and aesthetic, without appearing too obvious to her loved ones.


Post-op: The veneers were placed in a shade that closely matches her existing dentition. Dental veneers can be made in many different ways to suit one’s preference.


Pre-op: Gaps and discoloration concerns the young patient. Being younger than 20, a minimally invasive approach was taken to improve his smile.


Post-op: Veneers were placed on his teeth with almost no cutting at all. Minimal-prep veneers is not suitable to everyone as sometimes the teeth will become too thick, but in this case, it was an ideal approach to preserve the patient’s natural tooth structure.


Pre-op: The patient is concerned about the discoloration from a leaking old restoration, as well as discoloration from root canal therapy.


Post-op: 8 Veneers were placed in order to correct the misalignment, discoloration, and shape of the teeth. In cases where the patient wishes for brighter teeth, more veneers may be required.

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