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One of the contributing factors to a great smile can be found in the whiteness of teeth. Even if your teeth are straight, having stains or discolouration can materially affect the overall quality of the smile.

To overcome this issue, Teeth Whitening is a common treatment that whitens and brightens smiles. It is an easy procedure which can be done in a timely and effective manner with a variety of teeth whitening products and procedures available at our practices.

You will find there is no shortage of teeth whitening products on the market. Also, your dentist is best placed with the skills, products and equipment to give you the best teeth whitening outcomes.

We have a range of options from take-home teeth whitening kits and we will create customised teeth whitening trays for you, as well as our in-chair teeth whitening procedures and equipment that will give you a whiter and brighter smile in just one visit.

Our Dentists will be able to provide their patients with the teeth whitening procedure that is able to suit their preference and needs. For in-chair teeth whitening, we protect the patient’s gums using a rubber shield or a gel and the whitening product will then be applied to their teeth.

With the help of modern technology, people are introduced with new innovations on how to whiten teeth. Laser teeth whitening has been growing in popularity over the years as well as the use of teeth whitening gels.

The laser teeth whitening procedure enhances the overall effectiveness of the procedure while at the same time speeds up the process of teeth whitening. Its effectiveness comes with the added cost that makes it the most expensive whitening procedure found today.

Of course, teeth whitening is not the end of your journey. Patients will still need to take the necessary measures in keeping their teeth in relatively good condition in order to maximise the effectiveness of their procedure.We provide teeth whitening special offer

Brushing and flossing on a regular day to day basis plays a very important role in reducing the risk of tooth discolouration. In addition, visiting your dentist from time to time to have your teeth checked is advised as they will be able to detect early signs of discolouration.


Our In-Chair Whitening Special

  • In Chair Teeth Whitening $449 (Save 50%)

Above price is for treatment performed by Oral Health Therapist/Hygienists. Add $100 for each person for treatments performed by Dentists.

Add $100 for Professional Take-Home Whitening Kit with Custom Trays when purchased together with any of our In-Chair Whitening procedures.

In order to achieve the optimal result from your teeth whitening, scale and clean treatment is recommended to remove tartar and plaque on your teeth prior to the whitening procedure.

Offer subjects to change without notice.


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