Tooth Extraction



In order for our teeth to fully develop sometimes they need to be extracted. Tooth extraction plays a role in keeping your teeth in good working condition.

Since the procedure leads to the loss of tooth itself, understandably a large number of people find tooth extraction to be the last  resort to treat their problems. That said we have a variety of procedures to help solve the problem of missing teeth that can result, such as Dental Implants and Dental Bridges for instance.

Teeth extractioWe are the best dentistry in Sydney.n just as their name implies, is a procedure that removes a tooth from its socket bone. It should be noted that there are a lot of factors that contribute in the decision of your dentist to recommend tooth extraction.

For minor tooth problems, the dentist will be able to fix these through fillings, Dental Crowns or other treatment methods. However, if the situation is materially worse than imagined and there is too much damage to the tooth making it irreparable, the need for the tooth to be removed becomes the final option.

Emergency tooth extraction could be done when people suffer unbearable pain from a toothache. This procedure may also be required for those who have their wisdom tooth growing which causes over-crowding and pain or if it is growing sideways.

With that being said, if the wisdom tooth is perfectly aligned the need to remove them becomes unnecessary.

Most patients fear tooth extraction hearing plenty of terrifying stories about the procedure. This in turn discourages many patients (most of them children) to pursue tooth extraction.

Our Dentists however, make sure to provide their patients with the best experience possible keeping pain to a minimum as much as possible. This includes the use of local anaesthetic injections to help reduce or perhaps completely eliminate the painful sensations felt during the procedure.

In some cases, patients are administered with a sedative drug to produce a state of calm or sleep. Patients may even forget anything from the procedure with deeper levels of anaesthesia. There are also other options like Happy Gas and injections without needles.

Tooth extraction is a very common procedure which makes it easy for just about anyone to have their tooth removed at any given time when the need arises. The average cost for a tooth extraction can range from $75 and $200 per tooth depending on the complexity.

The price also depends on the anaesthesia that is being administered. If you have dental cover with Health Insurance, the cost can be offset to an extent.

Dental extraction does indeed plenty of benefits to patients allowing them to find timely and effective relief to their tooth problems.  It is important that you work hand in hand with your dentist and follow their advice about the dos and don’ts after a tooth extraction procedure.

This includes avoidance of smoking, using a straw or spitting after surgery. Patients are also advised to avoid carrying heavy loads and using too much strength as this can put extra strain to their teeth which can reopen the wounds.




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